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Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit

The Resource Center now offers a Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit with a step-by-step guide for conducting this effective form of bicycle safety education.

Not sure what's in the Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit? Click the cover page photo below to open a flipbook of the Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit to review its contents. Then, you can determine if you want to download the toolkit as a single document or in sections.


The toolkit is available as a single document, or in sections.

Click here to download and save the Bicycle Rodeo Toolkit as a single document

Download and save the toolkit by sections, as shown below:

A.  Title Page, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents

B.  Introduction, Planning and Logistics

B(i). Event Planning Resources

C.  Station 1: Registration and Inspection; Station 2:  Bike and Helmet Fittings; includes hang tags and student pre-survey

D.  Station 3: Starts and Stops; and Station 4: Scanning and Hand Signals

E.  Station 5: Safe on Sidewalks; and Station 6:  Demon Driveway

F.  Station 7: Crazy Crossroads; Station 8:  Rock Dodge

G. Station 9: Putting it All together

H. Evaluation, Conclusion, includes certificates of completion, student post-survey, parent    survey and volunteer survey

I.  Glossary