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City of Norcross Rallies Around Summerour Middle School

News Date: 
Wed, 2012-01-25
Event Date: 
Wed, 2012-01-25

Summerour Middle School and the City of Norcross are working together to develop a comprehensive Safe Routes to School Travel Plan that   addresses pedestrian and bicyclist’s safety issues around the school and nearby community, including ways to mitigate the effect of Buford Highway. 

The Summerour’s SRTS Team consists of members of the Georgia SRTS Resource Center, School Administration offices, Sustainable Norcross (local community advocates), Norcross Police Department and Officials from the City of Norcross.   The team is collaborating to create infrastructure improvements around the school which will increase bike and pedestrian safety.   Solutions to current barriers are a potential trail leading from a local apartment complex to the school, crosswalk installations at intersections near the school and even the installation of a H.A.W.K signal* along a key walking route. 

In addition to recommended engineering improvements,  the local police department is working directly with the school to incorporate several program components including a safety assembly.   The team is recruiting volunteers and local bike advocates to help lead the school in a bike rodeo and the formation of a bicycling club.

Developing this travel plan has proven to be an amazing catalyst in bringing the change makers in the community together for the greater good.  

*This pedestrian activated signal is a combination of a flashing beacon and a traffic signal with pedestrian pushbuttons and pedestrian signal heads. It controls traffic on the main road using a combination of red and yellow signal lenses, while the minor approach is controlled by pedestrian signals and a stop sign for vehicles. This signal has been approved for inclusion into the MUTCD by the national committee and is included in the proposed language for the 2009 MUTCD. This signal may also be used at mid-block locations.