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Settles Bridge Elementary in Forsyth County is Leading the Charge

News Date: 
Wed, 2012-01-25
Event Date: 
Wed, 2012-01-25

Principal Donna Morris at Settles Bridge Elementary cares about the safety of her students and about the safety of the school zone.   That is why the Georgia SRTS Resource Center in collaboration with the Forsyth County Facility Planning, Forsyth Transportation Management, local law enforcement and Settle’s Bridge’s PTA are working together to make sure their students have to opportunity to learn about the importance of being a safe pedestrian and safe bicyclist.

Tim Amerson from the Planning Department has collaborated with Matt Pate and the Parks and Rec creation department to develop a Bicycle Training program that will be accessible to all Forsyth County Elementary Schools.  The Parks and Recreation department received a corporation donation of  25 mountain bikes of various sizes in 2011 and these bikes are intended to be used for bike rodeos across the county, starting with Settles Bridge Elementary.  

If it wasn’t for the commitment to the students’ knowledge and safety from Settle’s Bridge Elementary, ideas and actions like the one between Tim and Matt may have never come to fruition.   This just goes to prove that a community that works together prospers together.